The New York Times: "In the technology world, Mr. Swartz is kind of a big deal"

Lawrence Lessig: "Aaron was one of the early architects of CC. But his talent is much more than technical. He is a brilliantly independent and clear thinker; takes bullshit from no one; and has a deep and reflective view about all things Net."

Matt Mullenweg: "a deep thinker and troublemaker"

Brad DeLong: "a national treasure"

Tim O'Reilly: "a must-read for anyone who cares about the future of publishing"

IFTF: "Aaron Swartz's now-classic essay."

Ross Douthat: "a savvy activist (savvtivist?)"

bowerbird: "to me, that sounds as straightforward as you can get. which seems to be typical of what i hear aaron saying in lots of places, on lots of topics. i find it refreshing."

Chris N. Kleczynski: "I rarely comment to an author but I think your observations are so profound and against common misconceptions they merit praise ... concise ... excellent reference[s] ... based on real [] studies and information."

Jonas Galvez: "not to mention it's written by Aaron Swartz, whose coding skills are very trustable"

SF Chronicle: "Several organizations get short shrift. Digg competitor Reddit is hardly mentioned, despite its co-founder Aaron Swartz being deemed a nontrepreneur in a widely read Valleywag article a year ago."

Wes Felter: "Aaron the wonder-kid can tilt at five windmills simultaneously; I don't know how anyone can keep up with him." (from Friendster)

New York Observer: "rathery dreamy"

Jim Whimpey: "Raw Thought by Aaron Swartz is my favourite blog."

for Bubble City:

  • "the most fun fiction I’ve read in awhile" —Jeff Milner
changed October 3, 2012