Aaron and his projects have appeared in the press numerous times, including two appearances on the front page of the Boston Globe and a profile in Wired Magazine. He has been interviewed by NPR, the BBC, and Counterspin.


Selected appearances:

Randy Kennedy, "‘Seven on Seven’ Collaborators Discuss the Meeting of the Digital and Art Worlds", ArtsBeat, The New York Times, April 13, 2012.

The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann, November 23, 2010.

Czeslaw Jan Grycz, "The Internet Archive Digital Library," Great Libraries of the World (KRCB-TV -- PBS), 2010

Bobbie Johnson, "Breakfast Briefing," The Guardian, 2009-10-10

Katherine Mangu-Ward, "What Happens When You Steal Public Records and Make Them Public," Reason, 2009-10-06

Cory Doctorow, "FBI file on Aaron Swartz, US court-record hacker," Boing Boing, 2009-10-05

Ryan Singel, "FBI Investigated Coder for Liberating Paywalled Court Records," Wired News, 2009-10-05

Bobbie Johnson, "Wikipedia enters a new chapter," The Guardian, 2009-08-12

Jeff McCrory, "Blogging from the meat world," Sacramento News & Review, 2009-07-16

John Schwartz, "Steal These Federal Records -- Okay, Not Literally," New York Times: The Lede, 2009-02-12

John Schwartz, "An Effort to Upgrade a Court Archive System to Free and Easy," New York Times, 2009-02-12

Wendy Grossman, "Why you can't find a library book in your search engine," The Guardian, 2009-01-22

Henry Blodget, "Who the hell writes Wikipedia anyway?," Silicon Alley Insider, 2009-01-03

Nicholas Ciarelli, "How Obama's New Tech Tsar Can Save America", The Daily Beast, 2009-01-06

Prabhudev Konana, "Anarchic capitalism vs. sensible capitalism," The Hindu, 2008-12-04

Rod Kurtz, "Kid Entreprenuers: Power Rankings," America's Nightly Scoreboard, Fox Business, 2008-10-17 (named #4)

Dan Tynan, "For Change, Use a Wiki: Collaborative Web sites are becoming tools for social action", US Airways Magazine, June 2008

Chris Hayes, "Mr. Lessig Goes to Washington", The Nation, 2008-05-29 (2008-06-16 issue)

Will Willkinson, "Hacking, Phreaking, and Anarchy" [video interview], Free Will, bloggingheads.tv, 2008-05-25

Patrick Sisson, "Keeping Tabs on Capitol Hill", Activate, 2008-05-08

Rebecca Roberts, "watchdog.net" [radio interview], 1600, POTUS '08, XM Radio (2008-04-16)

"Whatever Happened to Undercover Journalism?", Utne (2008-04-10 )

"Jottit and the Real Simple Web", HyveUp (2007-10) [video interview]

Janine Jackson and Peter Hart, "Stan Karp on No Child Left Behind, Aaron Swartz on Rachel Carson", Counterspin (week of 2007-10-12) [radio interview]

Boston Globe: Ever-younger entreprenuers: Internet, low costs lead to early-in-life startups (7 September 2007)

amNewYork: G-Phone: Cracking the Google mystery (7 September 2007)

SFGate: Isn't Your Kid a CEO?: These days, middle schoolers are launching startups. What's next? Second graders with IPOs? (6 September 2007)

Future Tense: Who writes Wikipedia? (6 September 2006)

Boston Phoenix: Anyone can edit (11 August 2006)

PBS MediaShift: Should Community-Edited News Sites Pay Top Editors? (25 July 2006)

New York Observer: When Intellectuals Had a Real Magazine: Viva Lingua Franca! (24 April 2006)

Boston Globe: The Ladder Isn't The Only Way Up (accompanying photo) (19 February 2006)

    additional story | front-page photo | additional photo

Boston Globe: The idealists, the optimists, and the world they share (13 February 2006)

Techsploitation: Won't Somebody Think of the Pings? (15 November 2005)

Salon.com: The Fix: Will Vinnifer usurp Brangelina? Paris -- canceled! Plus: Comparing O'Reilly with McCarthy. (13 October 2005)

Hartford Courant: Keeping It Really Simple: RSS News Feeds Via E-Mail: A Technology That Actually Delivers (15 September 2005) #

Wired News: Stars Rise at Startup Summer Camp (13 September 2005) # (Korean edition)

Hack!: Tonårshacker med imponerande meritlista (22 June 2005) ∞/translation

Hi International: Faces: Aaron Swartz, Computer Prodigy (December 2004)

Newsweek: What Your College Kid is Really Up To (13 December 2004)

CNET News.com: Site seeks to spur political ad swaps (19 October 2004) #

Wired Magazine: Undergraduate Overachiever (24 August 2004) #

Wired News: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Login (20 July 2004) #

Wired News: Searching for The New York Times (14 July 2004) #

San Jose Mercury News: What about the [Google] IPO? (21 April 2004) #

under the iron: [Interview with] Aaron Swartz (23 January 2004) #

Digital Citizen: Alternative Compensation Systems interview (15 December 2003) #

Day to Day: Hacker Culture and Computer Viruses (21 August 2003)

NPR Weekend Edition: Wireless Tagging (1.7MB Ogg, 2.7MB MP3, streaming RealAudio) (21 September 2003)

BBC NewsHour: Warchalking: the new phone phreaking? (1.8MB Ogg, 3.2MB MP3) (19 September 2003)

San Jose Mercury News: Dan Gillmor: The technology behind Napster is far from dead (14 May 2002)

Ask Tim: Books for a Younger Audience (December 2001)

Sunday Times: Teenager in a million (29 April 2001)

Metafilter: Boy Genius (26 February 2001)

Mass High Tech: ArsDigita Foundation awards Net design prize to under-18 crowd [JPG] (10 July 2000)

AP: Teens spin Web of future (24 June 2000)

Chicago Tribune: Highland Park teen is finalist in Web competition (23 June 2000)

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