Aaron's writing has been published in everything from technical journals to popular publications. His work has been featured in The Best Software Writing I and The Best Technology Writing 2007.

Selected publications:

Aaron Swartz. 2010. "Sokal Affair." in Culture wars: an encyclopedia of issues, viewpoints, and voices (Roger Chapman, ed.)

Aaron Swartz. 2009. "Toward a Larger Left." Crooked Timber (Scialabba 2008 seminar).

Aaron Swartz. 2009. “Political Entrepreneurs and Lunatics with Money.” Crooked Timber (Teles 2008 seminar).

Aaron Swartz. 2009. Various posts. TPM Cafe (Gelman et. al. 2008 seminar).

"Software Freedom and Web Applications," DoD Software Tech News 11:2 (2008)

"Professional Politicians Beware!," in Allison Fine, Micah Sifry, Andrew Rasiej, and Josh Levy (eds.), Rebooting Democracy (September 2008)

"Is Undercover Over?: Disguise seen as deceit by timid journalists", Extra! (March/April 2008)

"Theory of the Game", Other 13 (February 2008)

"Pursuing the ancient dream of an Open Library" [PDF], Panlibus 7 (Autumn 2007)

"Rachel Carson, Mass Murderer?: The creation of an anti-environmental myth", Extra! (September/October 2007) (version with links)

"A Non-Programmer's Apology", in Stephen Levy (ed.), The Best Technology Writing 2007 (University of Michigan Press, 2007)

"Eight Reasons Why (Some) Wikis Work", Personal Democracy Forum (12 December 2007)

"Ringside at Lessig Copyright Bout", Wired.com's 27B Stroke 6 (13 November 2006)

"PowerPoint Remix", in Joel Spolsky (ed.), The Best Software Writing I (Apress, 2005)

various hacks, in Tara Calishan & Rael Dornfest, Google Hacks (O'Reilly, 2ed, 2004)

Swartz, A. and Hendler, J. "The Semantic Web: A Network of Content for the Digital City", Proceedings Second Annual Digital Cities Workshop, Kyoto, Japan, October, 2001. (HTML, based on The Semantic Web in Breadth)

Aaron Swartz, "MusicBrainz: A Semantic Web Service", IEEE Intelligent Systems, Jan/Feb 2002, pp. 76-77. (PDF, old HTML)

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